Partnering with CFO Advantage empowers entrepreneurial organizations to optimize cash flow, improve business value, and create more time to focus on growth and profitability. Our team targets the small-to-midsized business (SMB) segment and offers financial leadership, business-building strategies and profit-producing leadership support.


  Controller Services Evaluating business results through the rear view mirror. Is your business maximizing value and getting the most return from your payroll and operational investments? Our “Team Yesterday” consultants focus on closing your month, quarter and year’s financial


  CFO Services Creating business value through new growth and revenue opportunities For companies looking to spur growth and increase revenue, our “Team Tomorrow” consultants offer CFO-level resources with a tried and true strategic approach to building a more robust


  Accounting Services Positive cash flow through disciplined daily accounting Accounting services address the continual processes and procedures that occur each and every day in your business operations. We refer to our accounting service consultants as “Team Today,” because they