Offering strategic financial solutions since 2002

Founded in 2002 as Financial Strategy Consulting Co., LLC, we have been helping early-growth-stage companies and transforming organizations achieve financial strength for years. Today, operating with a new brand ― CFO Advantage ― our team leverages expertise in operations, technology, human resources and financial management to drive growth, improve cash flow and enhance profitability for our clients.

Your CFO Advantage team believes that the financial strength of your business begins with powerful payroll services that eliminate distractions for your employees, followed closely with accurate and timely processing of daily accounting transactions. We either provide these services directly to you, or provide experienced accounting leadership and direction to your team.

We also understand that properly formatting your financial reports and identifying key performance indicators provides a solid foundation for telling the story of your business. Many CFOs rely on standard financial reporting tactics. Not CFO Advantage – we customize your financial reporting strategies to ensure your business speaks for itself